Dear Skylands at Randolph,

I would like to take a moment to share the beautiful experience I had for my very special 60th Birthday Bash (29 for those who really want to know) at the Skylands at Randolph on October 22.

I must admit that my 12 years of restaurant experience may have skewed my understanding of how a catering hall actually works. There were payment schedules, meal plans and a variety of menu selections with special additions as well as event insurance that all needed my attention. Once I understood that Skylands was concerned for the safety of my guests as well as for the protection of their exquisite venue, then pursuing the special event insurance was just something else that was necessary for my party to be a success.

All of the event planners (Linda Reynolds, Nick Valerius, Roy Evon) went out of their way to make sure my day was an extra special event just for me. Their contributions to my event were priceless!! Linda Reynolds, my specific event planner, was amazing. She truly went out of her way to make my vision become a reality. Considering that we only had seven weeks to put together such an elegant event, she was on top of every detail we needed to consider. The linens seemed to be a difficult find, but she was relentless in securing just the right linens for my special occasion. Furthermore, we built a good working relationship affording me the unique privilege of being treated like family. It seemed to me that the more I conformed to and met the requirements of the contract, the special blessings of upgrades kept coming my way. In addition, I was very fortunate to meet the rest of the staff and build a personal relationship with each and every one of them. Everyone I met on the staff made a special contribution to my party that helped to make it such a huge success. They all treated me like family! How fortunate am I to have such wonderful and caring people make my day so very special?

The staff at The Skylands at Randolph went out of their way to make my special day very memorable. They went above and beyond any of my expectations. My Birthday Bash was such a success on October 22 that my guests are still raving about what a good time they had and how fabulous the food and service was.

I would strongly recommend The Skylands at Randolph for your next special event. The venue is beautiful and elegant, the staff is very accommodating and gracious, and the food is blue ribbon quality and presented in top-notch fashion. I pray that your experience at The Skylands at Randolph will be as beautiful as mine was.

Miss Lee Arico
(29 and counting)